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Hygiene, academic support, and a community for those most in need.  
Established by teens, 4 teens.

With Your Help, We’ve Provided


Hours of Free Tutoring


Bars of soap




Teens valuable information though our writing 


Menstrual Products




Current Penpals





When You Support Us You’re Supporting

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A Young Man Writing

Global Peer Tutoring Services

Teens 4 Teens helping teens

Care Packages to Impoverished Nations

Teens 4 Teens helping teens
Teen 4 Teen Teenagers packing hygiene supply kits to be donated

Local Outreach Projects

Writing in a notebook

Global Penpal Network

Teens 4 Teens helping teens
Happy School Kid

Free Tablet Provisions

Apply Now To Join Our Team 4 Teens

🧠 Leadership Requirement
⏰ Greatest Time Requirement
⏳ Volunteer Hours
🥇 Most Prestige
Join us in managing the organization’s fundraising, social media, HR, and outreach teams, 
🧠 Leadership Requirement
⏰ Intermediate Time Requirement
⏳ Volunteer Hours
🥇 Most Prestige
Start a Chapter of Teens 4 Teens at your school to serve your community and the world!
⏰ Intermediate Time Requirement
⏳ Volunteer Hours
🥈 Intermediate Prestige
Join the organization as a team member with limited availability requirements and easier tasks.
⏰ Least Time Requirement
⏳ Volunteer Hours
🥉 Less Prestige
On demand online volunteering opportunities and experiences 

What Your Community Is Missing

 If the space around your city is empty, now might be the time to consider stepping into a leadership role in servicing your people! Implementing a club that helps those in need, domestic and abroad can set a precedent for making the world a better place, starting from your hometown.

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