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At Teens 4 Teens, we are more than just an organization; we're an embodiment of a profound idea and a way of life. Our inspiration stems from the ancient African philosophy of Ubuntu, which underscores the importance of showing humanity to all those around us. In today's digital age, our peers aren't confined to our immediate surroundings; they span the entire world. We are constantly connected to fellow teenagers globally. Yet, it's all too common to witness their suffering, scroll past, or ignore the instinct to help.


Teens 4 Teens stands as a resounding call to action. It beckons those who feel a compassionate ache in their hearts for the less fortunate, regardless of their geographic distance. Our founder, Boyce Pressly, was raised with the profound understanding that "I am, because you are." This sentiment truly struck home when he witnessed the rampant disparities plaguing teenagers in Liberia. Those thoughts began gnawing at him, consuming every waking and sleeping moment, fueling sleepless nights spent planning how to effect meaningful change.He could not rest, eat, or live normally knowing that teens, just like him, lacked what should be universal rights: understanding their bodies, access to hygienic products, technology, and a supportive community. Boyce quickly realized that with the right focus, love, and funding, these problems could be solved. He swiftly assembled a group of like-minded international teens who shared a vision beyond their countries' reputations. They were determined to change the living conditions for young people around the world.

This collective became our International Board of Operations, serving as the backbone of Teens 4 Teens today. Our mission is clear: we aim to be the grassroots movement that uplifts teenagers worldwide by providing education, security, and prosperity. We offer the gift that never stops giving because, as these teens succeed, they, too, will give back in the spirit of Ubuntu.

Join us in the journey to empower the global teen community. Together, we can make a lasting impact, foster positive change, and create a brighter future for teenagers around the world.

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