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Sending Care Packages To Impoverished Nations

Teens 4 Hygiene

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Teens 4 Teens helping teens

Teens 4 hygiene, a branch of Teens 4 Teens, provides packages of hygiene products to teens abroad. eradicate issues plaguing impoverished countries such as period poverty, personal hygiene insecurity, and early pregnancy.

Local community outreach projects

Teens 4 Hygiene

A pivotal aspect of Teens 4 Teens’ service is our community outreach projects. These student-organized projects enrich member experiences and foster a deeper connection with the work they do. Weekly, chapters across the nation meet in school clubs to service their community. Some groups clean road signs in underserved neighborhoods, others teach German to Ukrainian refugees.

Teen 4 Teen Teenagers packing hygiene supply kits to be donated

Exchanging Letters With Our Penpal Program

Teens 4 Talks

Teens 4 Talks supports the development of writing/language skills and diversifies the conversational encounters of Teenagers globally. A pitfall of globalization through technology is that we see people on social media, but never interact with them. Whether a teen lives in a remote Himalayan village or the west village in NYC, Teens 4 Talks will facilitate their enriching conversation. 

Providing Free Tablets For Those Most In Need

Teens 4 Tablets

Happy School Kid

Teens 4 Tablets allows our organization to utilize technology in sharing our gifts: hygiene information, tutoring, helpful online resources, and more. We provide free tablets for kids so that they can expand their educational horizons infinitely.

Tutoring Teens From Across The World

Teens 4 Tutoring

This facet of Teens 4 Teens ensures that no student goes without adequate academic support. Teens 4 Tutoring is built upon students from the most prestigious schools in the world who collaborate to serve academic needs for all.

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