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What makes us different?

Here at Teens 4 Teens, we offer an interactive, on demand volunteer experience. Which means you get to have visible impact in the lives of others, gain volunteer hours for applications/requirements, and most importantly not stress out about over-committing.

Help us add to our database of educational resources!

Apply to volunteer if interested!

Penpals write letters that will be sent with Teens 4 Teens.

Apply to volunteer if interested!

Help us get the word out to those that can help and those who need help using your creative gifts!

Apply to volunteer if interested!

You can apply to join one or many of our teams including:

Your options, our impact

Help us to assist teens in their academic endeavors worldwide!

Apply to volunteer if interested!

Share our plethora of resources and information with teens on a global scale 

Apply to volunteer if interested!

Join a Chapter

A great way to be a consistent volunteer is by joining a chapter at your own school!

 Other ways to help

We are always looking for supplies to include in our packages, check out our donation page to learn more!

Teens 4 Teens Instagram

Our instagram provides info to those in need, volunteers, and parents. Make sure to support us and spread the love @Teens4Teens.ig

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Our goal is to help teens who are in need. Get in touch, we’re always here, and we’re glad that you are. Let us know who we can support and how. Then, we'll make it happen

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